Some personal stuff...

my great love:

Gabriela, I got to know her in 1993 ...

cute Gabriela (click her !)

Gabriela's homepage

Working on the PC is my great hobby...

  • Here is a picture of my present laptop...  Delphin 5200 PT,
  • and another picture (quite huge... (278 KB))  Delphin 5200 PT with dockingstation.

  • You want see the "real" dolphins...?

  • This way to the KAPOK CO. Web Home Page, the manufacturer of my laptop with
  • many "brand new" Win 95 and Win NT drivers!
  • Links that helped me installing LINUX on my Delphin 5200 PT:
  • Linux for the Prostar 5200 Homepage
    Linux on a Laptop
    The Linux Laptop Home Page

    In winter time I like skiing in Austria...

    How´s the weather in Austria? (webcams)!
    Urlaub Aktuell - Willkommen in Salzburg

    I like Mountain biking very much...

    If you don't like the music - switch it off here...

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