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The Internet is a good place to get to know people all over the world. In this "global village " two people met and learnd to love each other. I got the mail below from an Austrian guy (BTW I am Austrian too...) and of course I am a bit proud in a way of all that what he's writing... If you think this is "cool" don't hesitate to sign their (and my) guestbook!

Betreff:     THANX
Datum:       Sun, 4 Jul 1999 01:51:14 +0200
Von:         "dreamwolf"
Rückantwort: "dreamwolf"

2 years ago you gave an award to Atsilusgi. So she signed your guestbook,
and read my entry. And this started a beautiful lovestory .... cause she
signed my guestbook, I signed hers, and so we became friends. We kept
contact in the time, when she didn't have a pc, wrote snail-mails.

9 months ago she asked me, what I felt for her, and it didn't take a second
to know the answere, that I love her. And since this day we have been
waiting to meet. And it has been a hard time, but finally we made it. On
June 16 I met her at her home in Anaheim, and on June 24 she came with me to
Vienna, and I am glad, that she likes it here.

Hm ... and so it is time to thank you and geocities .... who brought
us together.

Soon you can read the whole story here:

Now here's the full love story written by Atsilusgi !
Pams (Atsilusgi) new domain; take a look !

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